Basic Wedding/Reception Package

(Please contact for pricing)

For weddings held in King County 

(Outside of King County, a charge for travel time/expenses will be applied)

Prior to Event:

- In-person initial consultation in Ballard or at a location convenient for you.

- Unlimited assistance via telephone & email preparing for your event.

- In-person meeting in Ballard prior to the wedding to finalize and review your music/audio plan.

- One visit to your venue on a date and time that is convenient for you.

- Vinnie will create a custom-crafted music playlists based on your input.

Day of Event: 

- Vince will MC and announce each stage of your special day. Introduction of the wedding party, toasts, speeches, cake cutting, bouquet toss, special dances, etc. You or your wedding planner should provide an order of events of the wedding/reception as soon as it is available.

- Ceremony music (if held where reception/dancing is to take place). Seating, procession, recession, post-ceremony.

- Music during reception cocktails.

- You and your guests will have the use of 2 wireless handheld microphones for toasts and announcements.

- First dance: The most common timing is immediately after the newly married couple enter the reception, but  you can also do your first dance following the conclusion of dinner or right after dessert.

- Father/daughter dance: Immediately following the first dance.

- Mother/son dance: Immediately following the father/daughter dance. Or, sometimes, this dance is shared with the father/daughter dance.

- Music during dinner

- Music during dancing 

A total of six hours of DJ services is provided at your wedding/reception venue.

Additional Wedding Services

Ceremony Services (when wedding ceremony takes place at a different location within the venue and the same speakers cannot be used or must be moved) - $100.00 - $250.00 (depending on additional speakers/equipment needs)

Officiant Services for your ceremony - $200.00 (includes required paperwork for the State).  Vince specializes in non-religious commitment ceremonies.  


Additional Wireless Mic system for your ceremony - $100.00 includes 2 hand-held mics and lavalier system to mic officiate (included if Vince is officiant).


Lights Controlled by Vinnie - Included in all cases where dancing will be featured

LED up-lights $30.00 each (minimum of 6)

10 ft truss fully loaded 4 smart-lights and strobes $1,000.00 (requires an additional person to set up)

Confetti Cannon $75.00 (one blast of confetti) $10.00 each blast thereafter (you must clean up after the event)

HD Video Projector rental & setup $150.00 Slideshow of the wedding participants included (up to 30 digital photo files should be provided well in advance). Music videos during dance music may also be included with projector rental at no extra charge.

Additional Venue Visits $50.00