There is no party like a DJ Disco Vinnie Party!


Big party events are everywhere and period costumes from the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's are abundant. We've had so much fun with parties lately and love how most attendees go "all out" to have a good time. Whether your sweet sixteen wants some Lady GaGa, your best friend is turning 40 and wants a little Disco Inferno, or you are hosting a charity event, we have a huge library spanning over four decades to make your party, THE party! DJ Disco Vinnie will also bring his secret weapon, a huge personality, which means he's more than willing to be on your dance floor giving people the added incentive to shake it!

Office parties are always the highlight or the hectic work lives we lead, and you want nothing more than to let loose and have fun.  DJ Vinnie is just the man.  He can coordinate his outfits and music to just about any theme you can imagine.  He’s been characters from Elvis to Austin Powers and everything in between.   His key to success,  let go of fear and just have a blast.

A Picture of Disco Vinnie with Kitty Kitty Bang Bang
A picture of Disco Vinnie holding a disco ball

As long as your theme involves fun you’ve found the right DJ.  You can never have enough glitter!.  Disco Vinnie’s rule; if you don’t have at least one costume change a day then you’re not doing it right.

I’ve been lucky to meet some really energetic and creative people, and when we brainstorm the outcome is always fantastic.