Weddings to delight the senses!

If you are looking for a touch of class or a bit of fun & whimsey, Vince Harris is your best choice for a wedding DJ, Officiant, and all-around wedding planner & coordinator.  With years of experience DJ Disco Vinnie will make your wedding a special day that you and your guests will not soon forget.

Imagine a favorite movie without music.  Disco Vinnie will create the perfect soundtrack for your wedding and reception.  Music can lift a moment to great heights and immensely impacts the emotional landscape of your special day. The right microphones for the Officiant and the toasts at the reception should not be overlooked.  With top quality audio equipment, Disco Vinnie will help create your masterpiece!


Disco Vinnie understands unique weddings for unique people!

According to the Huffington Post, one in four LGBTQ+ couples experience some kind of outright discrimination while planning their wedding. This could be as big as being told, "You're not welcome here," or as simple as having to fill out forms that say "bride's name" and "groom's name."  Why put up with this?  You have options!  If you are looking for a DJ, a Officiant or you just need help, you come to the right place!

We know the details of your wedding are very important and we have a unique understanding of what the LGBT+ community desires.  Why invite odd questions or circumstances into your special day?  Disco Vinnie is not only an advocate of the community but he's an out and proud gay man who's been in a committed relationship for over 30 years!

Marriage equality is to be celebrated!  Now that your union is recognized it's time to plan your perfect wedding.  DJ Disco Vinnie has not only provided DJ and MC services for many Gay and Lesbian weddings, he has officiated them as well!   DJ Disco Vinnie was the first ever, in fact, to legally marry a gay couple during the Pride Parade in Seattle and he was the first to marry a gay couple on the Great Wheel on Seattle’s waterfront!  Vinnie understands the unique circumstances of a GLBT wedding.