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Seattle  80’s DJ Disco Vinnie

Disco Vinnie is one of Seattle’s best known 80’s DJs.  Beginning his career on KWCW radio in Walla Walla Washington in 1984, Disco Vinnie was lucky to receive a 12 inch vinyl demo of a then unknown singer who was calling herself Madonna. He played that demo and the phones began to ring.

His love for the music of that time is apparent in every mix he creates but his love for the music videos is just as palpable. Disco Vinnie is one of the most accomplished VJ’s (video DJs) you will find.  His videos are iconic and always in demand. At events all around Seattle you find people looking up at Vinnie’s screens mesmerized by the videos he has been able to find and artfully mix to the beats.

Voted Seattle’s Best 80’s DJ

Mimosas With Mama

Disco Vinnie co-created this award winning show and performed for many years to sold-out audiences. While no longer involved in the production, the show continues to this day with the indelible touches of Disco Vinnie!

Disco Vinnie stars in Mama Mia
Disco Vinnie Stars in Mimosas with Mama
Disco Vinnie stars in A Boob Job for Christmas
Disco Vinnie Stars in Hairspray

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