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If you are looking for a touch of class or a bit of fun & whimsey, Vince Harris is your best choice for a wedding DJ, Officiant, and all-around wedding planner & coordinator.  With years of experience DJ Disco Vinnie will make your wedding a special day that you and your guests will not soon forget.

Ambiance is key

 Imagine a favorite movie wthout music.  Vince Harris will create the perfect sountrack to your wedding and receiption.  Music can lift a moment to great heights and immensely impacts the emotional landscape of your special day. The right microphones for the Officiant and the toasts at the reception should not be overlooked.  With top quality audio equiptment, Disco Vinnie will help create your masterpiece!

So many overlook the visual impact that a DJ can provide.  Every wedding can benefit from the right lighting and effects.  Professional quality uplights can make your reception special and the right lights on the dancefloor will also make a significant impact.  DJ Disco Vinnie has thousands of dollars of lighting equiptment on the ready as well as confetti cannons, bubble machines, and fog effects!

Disco Vinnie not only has experience as MC and Officiant for many different weddings, he has years of experience public speaking, stage performances, singing,  live theater and much more.

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Our wedding prices are probably less than you think!  We include things in our packages that other DJ's wouldn't dream of. (more)...

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