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DJ, Actor, Producer, Singer, Dancer, Host

DJ Disco Vinnie is more than just Seattle's favorite DJ! Sporting a wild and varied background as a radio personality, actor, dancer and professional DJ/Music Producer, Disco Vinnie has a mind for business and a heart for entertainment. DJ Disco Vinnie is your go-to guy for all things audio, visual and astounding. Vince Harris the man behind the disco ball brings you a small but capable staff with years of entertainment experience. From events with thousands in attendance to a birthday party or wedding, DJ Disco Vinnie is your best choice! Disco Vinnie can currently be found performing at Seattle nightclubs and at Seattle's "Cuff" most Sunday afternoons for his video tea dance! DJ Disco Vinnie specializes in dance music through the decades but he's so much more!

DJ Disco Vinnie is all about entertainment!

DJ Disco Vinnie once appeared on stage with the GoGo's and Belinda Carlisle.

DJ Disco Vinnie once danced on stage with Katy Perry dressed as a "Man-cake".  More on that later...

DJ Disco Vinnie was once brought on stage with Ke$h! She strapped him to a chair and sang from his lap!

DJ Disco Vinnie is consistently voted in the top 3 “Best Wedding DJs” in the NorthWest!

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